About Us

       Who We Are

    GJ Hides is a trading name of a small family business run by GandJ Rozga partnership. We started in 2018 to provide high quality eco-tanned and ethically produced sheepskin rugs.

  All our hides are a by-product of meat industry. We believe that if we breed animals for meet it's wrong not to use their skins. Their hides shouldn't be thrown away.

  We make sure that animals were breed using highest possible cultivation standards and natural farming methods. We guaranty that we sell only the best quality, ethically sourced skins.


       Our Story

   I never thought I would be selling natural skins. Until I got two as a present. I fell in love with them. Beautiful, soft, warm - its only a few words that can describe them. For me they are a must be on the sofa now. I'm sitting or lying on them or covering myself with them just like with the blanket. I can't believe I could live without them for so long.

    I always knew that wool is good for us but I never found a product made from real wool that suited my needs. They were not soft or delicate enough for my gentle skin that becomes irritated quickly. Therefore I could never enjoy one of the natures best invention - natural wool.

  Human were using animal hides from ages. In today's world we forget how brilliant creation it is. I decided I want to give everybody a chance to enjoy their eyes and delight their skin with this great product - sheepskin rug.

    And GJ Hides began.